HPNWLL Important Facts

Regular Season: Teams play 2-3 times a week, weekdays and weekends with occasional night games for ages 9 and up. 

  •  Training/Development Clinics – Start in Late January
  •  Player Evaluation for Draft Occurs in February
  •  Player Placement Occurs in March
  •  Team Practices start April
  •  Season Starts Late April/Early May

Uniform: Jersey, Socks, and Hat are included in registration Fees. Players must provide pants and can be purchased at any sports store. Pants should be all gray or white for all players.

Leagues are defined as below for both Baseball and Softball:

Minors and Majors Intermediate

  • Serves Ages 4-13
  • Player Draft
  • Starts in May & End August with Playoffs

Teenage Baseball

  • Serves Ages 14-18
  • Starts in June & Ends August with Playoffs

 Birthdate Deadlines

 August 31